How to Feel Good Right Now

18 Ways to Raise Your Vibration   Express gratitude Instead of wallowing in self-pity, shift your energy by focusing on giving thanks for what you already have. Your heart filled with love, a declaration to the universe that you are ready to welcome good into your life. If you want Read more…

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Ground To Stand Your Ground

Grounding for physical, mental, and emotional balance is more important than ever before, as we are spending more time on electronic devices and inside, away from nature. We pick up on the energy of the collective, and it can be most challenging in these unprecedented times. When you feel present Read more…

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Creating a Healing Space for Abundance

Say ‘No’ to chaos Stop confusion, negativity, stress, anxiety, and bring in clarity, balance, wellbeing, prosperity. Declutter and organize. Smart storage is key in a functional and visually pleasing place. Liberate yourself from the energetic shackles of junk and mess. Respect yourself: you deserve a harmonious space around you that Read more…

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Feng Shui

From the Hermit Into the Magician

9 Action Steps to Take Now (With Feng Shui hints) During the past months, you may have sorted through your clothes and put them by colors, digitized your favorite old photos, filled scrap books with treasured design magazine cutouts, learned to cook Thai, watched all the episodes of Star Wars Read more…

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