Client Testimonials

It has been a pleasure working and getting to know Julianna for the last 15 plus years. We both work in the Antique/Vintage Design industry. Julianna has always impressed me with her knowledge of textile design. Whether it is designs dating from the 18th century to the 21st century. Knowing the distinction of age, color, style, printing methods is vital to the international designers she works with. This leads me to say Julianna’s organizational skills are amazingly breathtaking. She has organized and categorized thousands (yes thousands) of Textile Design Collections for a Design Company she works with into a detailed, focused, coherent archive design library. A client can request for a specific category and Julianna will go directly to where she has stored the category and be able to show the client within a few minutes. It’s wonderfully magical how she does this flawlessly.

Julianna has earned the respect in the design industry. Her integrity, honesty, and working tirelessly to help a client find the precise design they have in mind are qualities that designers’ treasure in putting their next season’s collection together.

Lily Serrano
President, Textile Creations By Lily



I highly recommend Julianna Kocsis, Talila Consulting as a very talented, highly professional, intuitive and gifted Feng Shui expert. I hired Julianna’s services to design, organize and Feng Shui my home and office. The way she worked with Feng Shui was very different from the approach taken by other practitioners I had worked with in my other homes. She took her time and got to know my space remotely. She understood my specific life situation, dug deep, looked at all aspects of my life and developed an individualized approach. She presented a detailed report and through several consultation sessions helped me through it step-by-step. She used intuitive and energy healing techniques as well as her extensive interior design knowledge. Through the consultation process via Skype, she reviewed every detail of my space, my environment’s energy field and reached down to the underlying currents of the issues. She then gradually walked me through which cures to apply and how to deal with my challenges. Her full assessment and her recommendations were very thoughtful, multilayered and extremely effective. I felt my life change right in front of my eyes as I became more sensitive to my space physically and energetically. Julianna took the time to explain why and how these suggestions work with elements, energy, colors, space and time. After applying her cures, they shifted the energy to a positive direction. I also began to take interest and develop my own understanding of Feng Shui principles. Now, as I move things around, I am much more aware of the relationship between space and energy flow. Julianna gave full attention, not only through her detailed report, but also gentle support along the way to accomplish everything step-by-step, easily and effortlessly. My life changed! Not only because of decluttering and bringing attention to various sections of my home/office, but also experiencing how these parts come together to create a sacred space, attract good opportunities, good health, reach my life goals and help with clarity in my intentions and decision-making.

Vazken Kalayjian
Co-Founder & President at Learning Learning Architects, LLC



I cannot recommend more highly Julianna Kocsis, Talila Consulting as a highly intuitive and gifted Feng Shui professional. She did a complete assessment and treatment for our two-family home in Astoria, NY. She worked within our lifestyle and budget and showed an extraordinary capacity to not only recommend excellent and helpful solutions but also educating us in why these suggestions were made in the first place. As a client you will not only experience her excellent recommendations immediately, but you will be developing your own understanding of Feng Shui principles, empowering you to continue making better choices for yourself throughout your life.

John Watts
Composer, Music Director at Lucy Moses School for Music



I highly recommend Julianna Kocsis, Talila Consulting as a very gifted Feng Shui expert. We hired Julianna’s services to Feng Shui our first home few years ago. We had a few issues with the Creativity and the Fame areas, and both of us are artists!

Julianna used several energy healing modalities, giving my husband and I a holistic and detailed approach of how to work with the energies in our home in order to reach our goals.

We’ve gained valuable insights about the connection between our home and our lives. As soon as we made the changes recommended by Julianna, we resolved some important issues. Our lives truly improved and several great opportunities followed.

Julianna’s skills, integrity and sensitivity make her the organizational and Feng Shui expert you want to work with!

Débora Watts
Pharmacist, Singer-Songwriter, Producer