Our Founder: Julianna Kocsis Founder Talila Consulting

Julianna has more than 25 years of experience as a textile design consultant, archivist and visual merchandiser, as well as holding a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration. Her strong design and merchandising background, unique organizational skills, and intimate understanding of space planning have equipped her to create customized systems that are high-functioning, accessible, inspiring and visually pleasing.

Besides her proven design skills, Julianna brings together a deep love of beauty, order and harmony. Her certifications in BTB Feng Shui, Feng Shui Staging, Intuitive Consulting, Theta Healing, and Multi-Dimensional Healing, as well as her experience of Reiki, Shamanic Healing and esoteric studies, allow her to adopt a holistic and flexible approach to every client. She has a unique ability to utilize various energy healing modalities, conscious manifestation tools, meditation techniques and intuitive insights to tap into the psychology of the person and the space and to activate the sacred connection that binds the two together.

As she holds a BA in Teaching English, and lived in the US for several years, Julianna has no problem communicating and partnering with international clients, and building that vital personal connection. Through a rare combination of common sense, integrity, and a hint of the miraculous, Julianna takes every client on their own journey of personal transformation from chaos to order.

Teachers Julianna Studied With

Feng Shui, Five Elements Theory, Sacred Geometry, Space Clearing:
Lillian Bridges
R.D. Chin
Gill Hale
Sandy Humby
Helen and James Jay
David Daniel Kennedy
Christian Kyriacou
His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun
Katherine Metz
Ileen Weiss Nelson
Annie Pane
Nancy Santo Pietro
Alex Stark
Joan M. Stigliano
Catherine Yi-Yu Cho Woo

Shamanism, Shamanic Healing:
Jill Kuykendall
Alex Stark
Alberto Villoldo
Hank Wesselman

Psychic Development, Intuitive Consulting:
Sonia Choquette
Stephen C. Robinson

Reiki, Multidimensional Healing:
Stacy Davidoff

Theta Healing:
Márti Szilasi

The Silva Method:
Justin Belitz
Ken Coscia
László Domján
Lee Pascoe
Rosa Rivas

The Gurdjieff Work:
Lillian Firestone
The Gurdjieff Foundation of New York

Antique, Vintage Textile Design Research And Consulting:
André Heget

Creative Life And Business Strategy:
Vazken Kalayjian, Co-Founder & Global Head of Design and Branding
Learning Learning Architects, LLC
GK Brand Real

Julianna is forever grateful for the amazing classes she took at the following places:
New York Open Center, New York, NY
A.R.E. (the Edgar Cayce Center), New York, NY
The Learning Annex, New York, NY
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
Long Island Feng Shui Institute, Oyster Bay, NY