9 Steps To A Fulfilled Life Using The Talila Consulting Modern Bagua

1. Q&A:
A holistic questionnaire about your goals, your expectations and your space

2. Evaluation:
On-site or virtual “walk-through” of your space

3. Action Plan:
Customized recommendations for you, and step-by-step adjustments for your space

4. Space Clearing & Activation:
Channeled high vibrational energy tuning using the Talila Consulting Proprietary Process

5. Cure:
Implementation of The First Cure

6. Action Plan:
Client implements the suggested changes

7. Follow-up:
A feedback session and further refinements

8. Coaching:
Ongoing coaching sessions from time-to-time to align your space with your new goals

9. Results:
High-functioning, harmonious, beautiful space = healthy, happy, soul-purposed, abundant life

Client steps into the Talila Consulting circle:

1. Pink Partnerships
2. White Communication & Creativity
3. Grey Helpful People
4. Black Recognition & Career
5. Blue Personal growth
6. Green Family
7. Purple Power & Wealth
8. Red Public reputation & relations
9. Yellow Health & Balance