Visual. Or is it?

How do you feel about returning to your nest after a long day’s work away from home? Are you looking forward to it knowing that you can relax in your cozy haven?

Or are there tons of reminders as you approach your house: this needs to be fixed, that needs to be repaired. Weeds, garden tools, a broken banister, unsafe stairs, peeling paint, a stuck or squeaky front door, clutter, garbage bins in sight.

Constantly irritating you on a physical level and bugging your psyche. Negatively influencing your home’s energy and YOUR energy, as the two are interconnected.


Can you see your house from the street? From another point of view: Are you visible to the world? Can others reach you? Can you reach them?

Can you meet opportunities that are available? Does your home get enough energy (chi) from the outside? Not too little, not too much.

Living on a one-way, sloping or a dead-end street; at a T-section or a cul-de-sac are circumstances that call for Feng Shui cures.

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Are there healthy green trees and flowering plants around?

GREEN symbolizes renewal, growth, expansion, hope, vitality. It boosts our mood and immune system.

Each kind of tree has its own symbolism. Pick the right ones for your unique situation. (Orange for good luck, pine for resilience, apple for safety, olive for peace…etc.)

Trees or bushes should not block your house from the street completely. You do not want essential energy (=opportunities) coming from the outside world pass you by.

Planting colorful flowers will bring positive change, especially if you pick the colors to enhance certain Bagua areas.

Dry/barren trees/plants should be removed (with ceremony) as they symbolize ill health.


Is your home easy to approach?

Can the energy (and what kind) flow to the home freely? Is the pathway clear and wide enough? Is the door well-lit, in a good condition, inviting?

Can you enter unobstructed?

Do you feel positive and relaxed when approaching and entering?

Remove unnecessary barriers for more clarity. Line the paths with lights, mobiles, plants.

Fix whatever needs to be repaired and spruce up the entryway, otherwise your finances and your health may suffer.

It is crucial what you see inside when entering, and outside when leaving.

Leaving and taking a glance at an appealing sight -like blooming trees or an attractive house- will lift your spirits.

Entering in a foyer, a living room, a study/office is ideal. The images you see first should be encouraging, uplifting and positive (nature scenes, plants, flowers, books…). Clean, free of clutter and organized.

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Vanity and your Front Door

It is vital how you allow energy entering your life.

Are you welcoming abundant chi to help you flourish?

It is symbolized by how it comes to your property and your home itself.

The Front Door is called the Mouth of Chi in Feng Shui.

Place some healthy plants around it.

Peeling paint will scream decay and will leave you frazzled. Put a fresh coat of paint on the door and choose the color consciously.

  • Red: to attract opportunities and good luck (Fire element)
  • Green: to invite new beginnings (Wood)
  • Black: to help you network (Water)
  • Brown: to feel grounded (Earth)

Do not keep unused locks on the door – don’t cling to anything unproductive.

If the door does not close properly, fix it, so you don’t cripple completing things in your life.

Mend a loose doorhandle to get a good grip on life.

Repair a loose door to fit into its frame right and to get rid of annoyance and mental barriers.

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Communicate with your abode and celebrate it regularly. Greet it, bless it, thank it for providing you a nurturing haven to rest, to have fun, to create, to dream in this fast spaced, ever-changing world.


Feng Shui, the art and science, can help you get motivated to manifest your perfect home in alignment with the auspicious and magical energies of the Universe.


For your advancement, abundance, and the prosperity of our world.


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Julianna Kocsis is a Feng Shui Specialist, Organizational Expert, Intuitive Vibrational Catalyst, Textile Design Archivist. She is also the founder of Talila Consulting. Bringing Order and Harmony to your Home, Work and Life.

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Julianna Kocsis Founder Talila Consulting Julianna has more than 25 years of experience as a textile design consultant, archivist and visual merchandiser, as well as holding a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration. Her strong design and merchandising background, unique organizational skills, and intimate understanding of space planning have equipped her to create customized systems that are high-functioning, accessible, inspiring and visually pleasing. Besides her proven design skills, Julianna brings together a deep love of beauty, order and harmony. Her certifications in BTB Feng Shui, Feng Shui Staging, Intuitive Consulting, Theta Healing, and Multi-Dimensional Healing, as well as her experience of Reiki, Shamanic Healing and esoteric studies, allow her to adopt a holistic and flexible approach to every client. She has a unique ability to utilize various energy healing modalities, conscious manifestation tools, meditation techniques and intuitive insights to tap into the psychology of the person and the space and to activate the sacred connection that binds the two together. As she holds a BA in Teaching English, and lived in the US for several years, Julianna has no problem communicating and partnering with international clients, and building that vital personal connection. Through a rare combination of common sense, integrity, and a hint of the miraculous, Julianna takes every client on their own journey of personal transformation from chaos to order.

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