Enough Is Enough. Start Somewhere Now.

Challenges and Benefits of Decluttering and Organizing   Not everyone can be the Master-Key-Organizer-No-matter-what-just-DO-it type. If you are not, chances are you have a few challenges from time to time with your stuff. STUFF is everywhere. You come home with a banana slicer, a pie bird, a butter bell, or Read more…

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Ways To Get Lighter in The New Year

Taking inventory. Dropping old baggage. Cleansing your space energetically. Being grateful. Constantly, actively, enthusiastically. Gaining perspective. Polishing that mirror for self-reflection. Ditching survival techniques, embracing thriving methods. Cultivating your energy. Nourishing your connection with Source. Surrendering to the NOW moment. Raising your vibration. Calling the Universe for support. Making room Read more…

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Reclaiming Your True Self

Do you have time at all to notice what’s going on with you? Go to nature, away from electronics and the crowd. Stop. Listen. Become aware. Are you busy tending to other people’s issues instead of putting on your own life vest first? Has your Inner Saboteur taken over? Are Read more…

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Discipline Is Not an Ugly Word

  Do you remember the navy seal talking about the power of making your bed in the morning? It’s become a classic example of the simple daily act for self-empowerment. Discipline is a skill that you can strengthen like a muscle. You can train yourself to focus on a goal Read more…

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