Now stop. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Look around. Look inside. Inside might look as scary as outside. Have you been on autopilot the last couple of weeks/ months/ years?

In times of radical change, we must stop and stare in the face of chaos. Without being sucked into the storm and getting lost.

We must be the eye of the storm. This requires inner strength, faith, hope.

Our logical side wants certainty and predictability, to know that everything is and will be under control.

Our emotional side wants to be soothed and nurtured, to know that everything is and will be ok.

Now, more than ever, we need to turn to our spiritual side. That magical side of us that exists with the unshakable inner knowing that all happening is for us to wake up on a personal level and as a collective, as earthlings. All happening for our understanding of why structures are crumbling and how we must reinvent our existence on this magnificent planet Earth.


We are in it together

Let’s keep our vibration high. Let’s love ourselves and others. Be compassionate with ourselves and others. Love conquers fear.

Let’s behave gracefully, keeping in mind that we are divine beings.

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Radiate from the inside what you want to experience outside

Vibrate with love, gratitude, serenity, kindness, compassion.

Sing: it relieves stress and releases endorphins, it connects people.

Be in nature, if you can. If you cannot, look at images of nature, spring, listen to nature sounds.

The sun kisses the earth and all its spring beauties start to reveal themselves again. Observe a tiny flower’s chalice, a bird, how magnificent nature’s creations are.

Fill your heart with light and gratitude that you can be a part of it!

Gratitude, contemplation, meditation, prayer, mantras and mudras, conscious breathing, chakra cleansing will shift your energy. Reach for these practices several times a day for a peace of mind and a joyful heart. For Divine Guidance.

Look for signs and synchronicities, messages from the universe (repeating numbers, animal sightings, resurfacing memories…).

The more tuned in you are, the more messages you’ll be able to understand and apply to your current situation.


Set a new daily routine and practice merciless self-love

Notice: we are restructuring our lives. One day at a time. Plan your activities for every day. Set goals and move towards them. NOW is the time.

Nurture your physical body, tend to your emotions, take care of your mental health.

Strengthen your immune system every way you can. Gut-health is key to strong immunity. Stay away from stress, eat well, take vitamins, sleep enough, engage in joyful activities, move, dance, laugh, love.

Be gentle with yourself and others.

Turn off the news and your own mind’s chatter. Limit your social media intake. Take an honest look at who is supporting you and who is draining your energy.

Be careful what energy pool you tap into.

Journaling is a wonderful way to mindfulness, boosting creativity and brain activity, improving language and communication skills. It’s also healing.

Don’t let fear settle in your heart. Transcend it! Consciously go against the false belief that things are just happening to you. Embrace the idea of an Unlimited Universe, where You are Co-Creator.

Connect with like-minded people, your tribe, your soul family, people you connect with on a heart-level. Join healing/meditation circles online.

It’s time for quality over quantity in all areas of life.



Time to unlock your hidden talents and discover your innate gifts, so you can maximize your potential to the fullest.

What are you passionate about? Connect with your inner child, find joy in simple things.

Start writing that book, dust off those brushes, learn calligraphy, study a new language, bake a wonderful cake for your family. Enroll in an online course to learn something you’ve always wanted to, but never had time for until now.

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Engage all your senses

Bless your meal and savor every bite of it focusing on how it’s nurturing you. Preparing your own meal means you know what’s in it and you can infuse it with loving-nurturing energies.

Listening to nature sounds (birdsong, waterfall, rainforest) relaxes us and improves our mood. Classical music relieves pain and stress, helps with expansive, creative thinking, boosts creativity and productivity.

Using essential oils in your space or on your body brings the desired result quickly and inexpensively.

For stress relief: lemon, peppermint, ylang-ylang.

For energy lift: orange, lemon, peppermint.

For immune system boost: lemon, oregano, peppermint.

For better sleep: lavender, chamomile, bergamot.

One way to make your home your nest is by introducing a variety of textures.

Have images around you that are uplifting and energizing. Representing well-being, joy, growth, abundance, love, harmony.


Choose colors with purpose

Colors affect mood, even influence our reactions on a physiological level. Use color psychology to your advantage.

Turquoise: emotional balance, healing, mental clarity, grounding.

Blue: integrity, inner confidence/ security, acting right in difficult times, wisdom from a spiritual perspective.

Purple: creating balance between physical and spiritual, harmony of the mental and emotional, compassion.

Green: renewal, growth, healing, safety, alleviating anxiety, compassion.

Pink: universal love of oneself and of others, hope, compassion, inner peace.

Brown: support, stability, protection, wholesomeness.

Yellow: cheerfulness, boosting enthusiasm, energy, optimism, positivity, enlightenment.

Orange: energizing, self-expression, enthusiasm.

White: refreshing, strengthening, faith, possibility, creativity.

Gold: for health, showing the path to your goal, higher understanding, enlightenment.

Magenta: emotional-mental-physical-spiritual balance, optimism, universal harmony, releasing old emotional patterns, appreciating what you have, compassion.


Surround yourself with life

Lush plants, blooming flowers, bamboo are wonderful companions that bring nature inside.

A huge trend for 2020: botanicals. Why not make it the focal point of your bedroom to make your heart sing?

Apply the colors, shapes and symbolism of the Wood element for renewal, expansion.

Switch to lighter, brighter colors in your décor. The colors of the 5 elements and the rainbow will uplift the energy in your environment.

/Check out my article “Bringing nature inside” for more on the topic/


Think flow

A disorganized home just increases stress and anxiety.

Time to declutter, do the spring cleaning and organizing.

Get rid of objects that you don’t use or value anymore, because these are just blocking your energy. Freshen things up, don’t leave anything untouched, rethink the function of certain areas, organize and air even the smallest nooks. Wash your windows, so more sunlight can flood in.

Spruce up your interior, so it becomes the cozy nest that you can fall in love with all over again.

Feng Shui can aid you: by aligning with the natural energy flow, it empowers you to reach your goals, so you can thrive in all fields of life.

From decluttering to a sacred space. From chaos to order.

Do a ritual to initiate an energy shift. Cleanse your space (by burning sage for example) and let go of the old, unwanted, negative. Bless your home and invite in the new, desired, positive.

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Notice everyday miracles

A bee flew to my door the other day.

It brought me powerful sun-energy.

It nudged me to stop and smell the flowers.

It reminded me to believe in miracles.


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Julianna Kocsis is a Feng Shui Specialist, Organizational Expert, Intuitive Vibrational Catalyst, Textile Design Archivist. She is also the founder of Talila Consulting. Bringing Order and Harmony to your Home, Work and Life.

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Julianna Kocsis Founder Talila Consulting Julianna has more than 25 years of experience as a textile design consultant, archivist and visual merchandiser, as well as holding a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration. Her strong design and merchandising background, unique organizational skills, and intimate understanding of space planning have equipped her to create customized systems that are high-functioning, accessible, inspiring and visually pleasing. Besides her proven design skills, Julianna brings together a deep love of beauty, order and harmony. Her certifications in BTB Feng Shui, Feng Shui Staging, Intuitive Consulting, Theta Healing, and Multi-Dimensional Healing, as well as her experience of Reiki, Shamanic Healing and esoteric studies, allow her to adopt a holistic and flexible approach to every client. She has a unique ability to utilize various energy healing modalities, conscious manifestation tools, meditation techniques and intuitive insights to tap into the psychology of the person and the space and to activate the sacred connection that binds the two together. As she holds a BA in Teaching English, and lived in the US for several years, Julianna has no problem communicating and partnering with international clients, and building that vital personal connection. Through a rare combination of common sense, integrity, and a hint of the miraculous, Julianna takes every client on their own journey of personal transformation from chaos to order.

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