The past 2 years have made it clear why it is essential to tend to your home, to feather your nest.

It nourishes you on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

2022 is a 6 year. The numerological meaning of number 6: home, family, domestic activities, peace, harmony, balance, nurturing, healing, support, compassion, empathy, responsibility, selfless love, affection, coming close to the ideal, finding balance between the material and the spiritual, having harmony between career and private life; and an indication that good things are coming.

Any space will benefit from a design facelift, but you can always go further by consciously applying new design trends joined with Feng Shui to take your home and your life to the next level.


Nature, the nurturer

Aligning with the calming, healing vibrations of Mother Nature is an inherent human need.

Bringing nature indoors supports our well-being, it has been a trend continuously.

Natural colors, materials, patterns, textures are easy to incorporate into any design in a stylish way.

Photo Credit: Hans, Pixabay

A super trendy color for the year is GREEN. (Although not Pantone’s choice.) It is available in such diversity. Greens vitalize softer colors. Dark greens hold healing power because they give the feel of vibrant greenery. Emerald green aligns the heart chakra, balances the nervous, digestive, respiratory systems; represents freshness, vitality, inspiration, compassion.

In Feng Shui, the element of Wood enhances growth, vitality, vibrancy, longevity, nourishment, creation, expansion, breaking into new territory. Materials, colors, shapes that represent Wood: plants, greens, blues, columns, stripes. (Place them in Wood’s natural location.)


Surround yourself with vibrant life. Lush plants, plants with flowers (with fragrance), fruits, bamboo. (Not dried flowers.)

Plants naturally humidify and filter the air, they improve our productivity, concentration, mood. There are specific plants that can enhance certain areas of your life. (For example, citrus trees are good for health and wealth.)

With limited horizontal space, have a vertical garden, a small piece of paradise.

Regularities of patterns/forms repeating at different scales in nature are called fractals. They invoke the beauty and sacredness of creation. You can use images of them to reduce stress.

Natural light heals. Makes us energetic and productive, balances hormones, improves circulation. It disinfects, hinders the growth of toxic organisms. It enlivens colors and enhances natural materials more and better for indoor plants than artificial light. After assessing the direction and the amount of natural light during the day, you can plan the interior.

Adding a sunroom to your home is a valuable upgrade, it will ensure that you can enjoy more sunlight with your family and friends. This way you can enjoy the outdoors in your home in any season -another trend this year- without being bothered by the elements or the insects.

You can do a lot to invite in more natural light: installing bigger windows (do not block them and clean them regularly), lighter wall colors, neutral floors, sheer curtains are the most practical ways.

Natural materials make interiors more inviting, look fantastic, and always fashionable. They represent eco-friendly solutions, that are safer and better for our health. It is easy to mix these materials. Wood, bamboo, cork, rattan, wicker, fibers; metals; stones; cotton, silk, wool; leather; glass; feathers; shells. There is an incredible array of choices.

Photo Credit: 4787421, Pixabay

Layering textures is a fantastic way of making your experience tactile. Going beyond the visual, exploring by touch is a major part of enjoying an interior. Direct light will further enhance textures. Just make sure you do not overcrowd your abode with them.


Color story, consciously

When it comes to color, the trends are black accents; white; earthy tones mixed with dark tones; pastels and brights.

The mysterious, powerful, elegant, and sophisticated black -in small amounts- will help other colors look crispier and has a grounding effect.

Black enhances the Water element, to boost the flow of energy, money, self-expression. (In Water’s natural location.)

White, the color of faith, possibility, and creativity, strengthens and freshens up things. It makes other colors appear cleaner, lets more light bounce around.

White resonates with the Metal element. It is about empowering your projects, and your communication. (In Metal’s natural location.)

Earthy tones make you feel more peaceful and stable.

Apply them to the middle of the space, the Health/Balance gua to enhance the Earth element.

Cozy or elegant dark tones are more intense, so enjoy them on smaller surfaces, accent décor objects.

Charming and calming pastels represent rejuvenation, freshness, optimism. Their lightness and playfulness remind us of spring and summer but need to be grounded by earthier and darker tones.

Photo Credit: dr_brain, Pixabay

Bright colors bring so much vitality that you need to be careful when applying them.

Choosing colors with their physiological and psychological attributes, healing qualities in mind is crucial.


Pattern prominence

Furniture lines are curvy, more inviting. These lines are feminine design element, so they need to be balanced by masculine elements.

Flowing lines can enhance the Water element.

Layering patterns is in focus. Walls and floors are patterned, so more emphasized. Mixing in different scales, while staying with a few colors, will keep things in balance. Make it fun by picking one and building a whole story around it. A simple pattern in repeat (like a geometric wallpaper) can be counterbalanced with a complex shape (like an abstract sculpture). Careful with large ones, they can take over a small room.

Photo Credit: qimono, Pixabay

Marble is in the spotlight. Its distinctive veins and wide range of colors make it uniquely beautiful, but it is not just a dramatic backdrop anymore. Timeless elegance comes with practicality.

As a stone, it represents the Metal element.


Pick colors, patterns, shapes, materials considering the Bagua areas, the 5 Elements of Nature, the balance of yin and yang for best results.


Chic and economic

Quality materials, durability, simplicity take center stage this year.

To save money and to save the environment are very good reasons to build with timelessness in mind.

It is scientifically proven that environmentally conscious building makes us healthier and more productive.

Perfectly aligning with Feng Shui’s purpose.

Photo Credit: Jane Duursma, Unsplash

Renovation, remodeling, recycled materials, sustainability, more simple lines, industrial style in the architecture of homes are all part of the conscious creation of habitats.

Smart homes are not only about automated security, light, temperature control, greater comfort, and entertainment, but about lower consumption bills, and less burden on the environment.

More economic does not mean without personality. Vintage is in! Personal items and items with personality will make your place meaningful and cozy for you. Some hidden treasures from your (or your auntie’s) cabinet, or special market finds can become delicious visual treats.


Creative space

One of the most exciting challenges in interior design is creating spaces that can be transformed for different activities. Understandably so, even in home interiors, multipurpose spaces have been in demand the past 2 years.

Relaxing, entertaining, dining, working, studying, exercising…: a lot to plan.

Open space, movable, stackable, multipurpose furniture, flexible set-ups, storage, dividers, fold-down solutions…: a lot to consider.

All these in a stylish manner that reflects your individuality.

The kitchen becomes this amazing, seriously spruced up place where, besides cooking, you can dine, hang out, chat, wine-taste with family and friends, or even improvise a home office nook.

Entertainment brought to another level!

Make sure the Fire element does not clash with the Water element, so do not install the stove and the sink next to each other. (Or apply the necessary Feng Shui cure.)

Fire energy is about manifesting wealth and recognition and being able to deal with change, so keeping your stove in tip-top shape is super important.

The bathroom goes way beyond handcrafted soaps, fluffy towels, and pretty shower curtains. With sleek natural materials, extra comfort, and surprising details, it becomes a spa where you can spend more time relaxing inside or outside of the tub, enjoying nature in the form of tropical/botanical wallpaper, or looking outside through a window or door.

Unwinding brought to another level!

Photo Credit: 5460160, Pixabay

The home office is here to stay. Your key points for it are:

  • Finding the most suitable space for it.
  • Having the right furniture as bare minimum.
  • Treating yourself visually to ease your mind and lift your spirits with images, colors, patterns, personal items.
  • Keeping it organized and clutter-free.
  • Taking into consideration the amount of natural light, and the necessary artificial light.
  • Being eco-friendly.
  • Bringing nature in.
  • Planning it in advance how you can have breaks and ground yourself.

Take the Commanding Position. Do not sit with your back to the door.



By intentionally implementing new interior design trends in tandem with Feng Shui, you can make your space not only more comfortable, beautiful, and fresh, but also supportive of you in every way, in every area of your life.


Photo Credit for Featured Image: Spacejoy, Unsplash



Julianna Kocsis is a Feng Shui Specialist, Organizational Expert, Intuitive Vibrational Catalyst, Textile Design Archivist. She is also the founder of Talila Consulting. Bringing Order and Harmony to your Home, Work and Life.

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Julianna Kocsis Founder Talila Consulting Julianna has more than 25 years of experience as a textile design consultant, archivist and visual merchandiser, as well as holding a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration. Her strong design and merchandising background, unique organizational skills, and intimate understanding of space planning have equipped her to create customized systems that are high-functioning, accessible, inspiring and visually pleasing. Besides her proven design skills, Julianna brings together a deep love of beauty, order and harmony. Her certifications in BTB Feng Shui, Feng Shui Staging, Intuitive Consulting, Theta Healing, and Multi-Dimensional Healing, as well as her experience of Reiki, Shamanic Healing and esoteric studies, allow her to adopt a holistic and flexible approach to every client. She has a unique ability to utilize various energy healing modalities, conscious manifestation tools, meditation techniques and intuitive insights to tap into the psychology of the person and the space and to activate the sacred connection that binds the two together. As she holds a BA in Teaching English, and lived in the US for several years, Julianna has no problem communicating and partnering with international clients, and building that vital personal connection. Through a rare combination of common sense, integrity, and a hint of the miraculous, Julianna takes every client on their own journey of personal transformation from chaos to order.

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