Make sprucing up your abode part of your summer fun. Here are some tips how.

Let your space breathe. Declutter and don’t store things on the floor.

Paint a wall or a section of a wall in a different color or wallpaper it for instant pop. You can spice up forgotten or blah areas, like a dull hallway.

Rethink the art you have on the wall. What messages are they sending? Are they inspiring and uplifting you?

You can turn your entire space into a vision board and reprogram your subconscious mind this way to reach your goals.

Creating your own art may start with something as simple as taking a piece of attractive fabric and framing it. Play with the shapes, the colors and the gloss of frames.

Frame (some of) your collection of fascinating black and white photos/ cool vintage postcards/ unique botanical illustrations and display them as a group for a stronger impact.

Are your pieces of furniture pushed against the wall leaving an empty space in the middle of the room? Arrange tables, chairs, sofas, ottomans into dining- and chat-areas for get-togethers with family and friends. Don’t forget a special cozy nook for precious solitude.

Breathe new life into your nightstands by sanding and repainting them. New knobs can make them stand out.

Step away from dark colors and choose more uplifting ones.

Accent with pillows and throws. You don’t have to go overboard and crowd tons of them on the sofas, just a few can bring a breeze of surprise into the interior.

Change the lampshades to make a decorative statement or to support the overall theme in a subtle way.

Turn your bathroom(s) into mini spa(s) stocked with fluffy towels, artisan soap bars and gorgeous shower curtains and hooks.

Install a few ceramic tiles. How about the classic blue and white for a fresh feel?

Value your beautiful glass objects: vases, glasses, candle holders. Place them in the window, so the sun can shine through and dance around them, creating amazing rainbows.

Have fun with picking out colorful kitchen appliances, or even home office supplies.

Indulge in using great china and fabulous glasses. You are worth it!

Make your heart sing with new bedlinens.

Bring in live plants for a refreshing connection with nature.

Display fruits in baskets or bowls to represent abundance.

Use essential oils for an instant boost and consider what kind of music you are listening to in your space.


Feng Shui hint: Pick colors, patterns, shapes, materials, fabrics considering the Bagua areas, the balance of the 5 elements and of yin-yang for enhanced rewards.


             Enjoy the process.

             Love the results.


Credit for Featured Image: BUMIPUTRA, Pixabay Database

Julianna Kocsis is a Feng Shui Specialist, Organizational Expert, Intuitive Vibrational Catalyst, Textile Design Archivist. She is also the founder of Talila Consulting. Bringing Order and Harmony to your Home, Work and Life.

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Julianna Kocsis Founder Talila Consulting Julianna has more than 25 years of experience as a textile design consultant, archivist and visual merchandiser, as well as holding a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration. Her strong design and merchandising background, unique organizational skills, and intimate understanding of space planning have equipped her to create customized systems that are high-functioning, accessible, inspiring and visually pleasing. Besides her proven design skills, Julianna brings together a deep love of beauty, order and harmony. Her certifications in BTB Feng Shui, Feng Shui Staging, Intuitive Consulting, Theta Healing, and Multi-Dimensional Healing, as well as her experience of Reiki, Shamanic Healing and esoteric studies, allow her to adopt a holistic and flexible approach to every client. She has a unique ability to utilize various energy healing modalities, conscious manifestation tools, meditation techniques and intuitive insights to tap into the psychology of the person and the space and to activate the sacred connection that binds the two together. As she holds a BA in Teaching English, and lived in the US for several years, Julianna has no problem communicating and partnering with international clients, and building that vital personal connection. Through a rare combination of common sense, integrity, and a hint of the miraculous, Julianna takes every client on their own journey of personal transformation from chaos to order.

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