Design and Décor for Offices

We spend most of our time indoors. It is crucial that our interiors are well-thought out, carefully designed, and professionally created for optimal use, addressing all the challenges we face daily.

Design and décor make your space not only aesthetically pleasing, but highly functional as well.

The design and décor process starts with an assessment, taking into consideration the occupants, the traffic, the activities that take place, and the personal requests.

Applying main design principles will result in a space that is safe, convenient, comfortable, organized, flexible and attractive, where the energy flows freely visually and energetically. Good quality, durable pieces, natural materials, sustainability and great lighting are in focus.

Office Interior Design is an imperative part of how successful your business becomes. The company’s mission statement must be taken into consideration when planning the interior.

Home Office is a rapidly growing trend.

Modern office design is all about flexibility and fluidity. Employees are encouraged to collaborate by layouts that break the old norm of fixed cubicle experience.

The office interiors of today offer opportunities to alternate between areas to work. Lounge areas for the extroverts, small breakout rooms for introverts- supporting the productivity of employees in smart ways and stimulating opportunities for relaxation as well.

Who says a conference room must be a conference room all the time? Movable, foldable furniture, changeable set-ups can cater to the demands of the now in an office.

It is advisable to leave “breathing room” in the whole space to avoid the feeling of being cramped together, restricted.

Naturally, comfort, functionality and storage are still important issues. The ergonomics of the chairs, desks, good lighting, and smart design ideas for storage to reduce clutter should never be dismissed, as they fundamentally influence health and productivity.

Inspirational quotes and artwork, color stories, and impactful ways of bringing nature indoors all influence the psyche powerfully. Adding unique, fun items (if appropriate) may bring the element of the creative, that can boost using different parts of the brain for problem solving. Having a theme ensures a unified look, that is calming for the conscious and the subconscious mind.

The accessory of the whole office is the reception area. It should display your logo clearly. The first impression sets the tone for meetings with clients. They should feel valued already here: comfy chairs, refreshments, a nice ambience will be well-received.

Your designer can come in with a fresh approach and help you create an office space that is the best representation of your goals, and that supports your team in the best possible ways.

The biggest challenge about working from home: How to be able to focus on work amidst all the distractions your home is bombing you with?

First, the area for work needs to be clearly defined by painting/wallpapering the wall, setting up proper furniture, with multifunctional solutions in mind. Ergonomics is key.

It is good to harness natural light, as much as possible, plus to have great task lights.

Books, files, small objects, bouquets or an area rug can deliver pops of color, especially in a monochrome setting.

Displaying a collection of whimsical items, placing your favorite antique piece or a signature design item can lift your spirits.

Smart storage and keeping the area uncluttered will keep headaches away.

Your designer can help you with defining the most auspicious place for your home office, and all the little details that can majorly influence your productivity when surrounded by tempting distractions in the home.

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