Staging for Fast Sale

Staging is making your home attractive to potential buyers, so you can sell it quickly and at a higher price.

50% of buyers’ agents think that home staging influences how potential buyers view the home, and about 75% say that it is easier for buyers to imagine themselves in the home if it has been staged.

By featuring the home’s more valuable assets and downplaying its flaws, the main goal is to inspire the buyer to see him-/herself living in the home.

Several times there are repairs that need to be completed besides applying fresh decorative ideas. The fact that you may have to invest into your home right before selling it (staging, repairs, décor) should not discourage you. It is well worth all the efforts.

The staging process zooms in on the rooms that make all the difference when it comes to buyers’ decision: the kitchen, the living-room and the master bedroom.

A decluttered, clean space can still use the input of a professional stager, who can aid you in turning your home into the neutral canvas that potential buyers can color in their imagination as they wish.

A professional stager can create the balance between minimalistic and homey. Exactly what is needed for a successful sale!

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