Clutter means stagnating energy, and stagnating energy draws even more clutter. A cluttered, disorganized environment makes you feel tired, lethargic, scattered, overwhelmed, unable to take action. You feel hindered physically, mentally, and confused emotionally. Clutter can literally make you sick.

Do not let your space trip you up on the way to a successful, happy life. Not being bogged down by unnecessary tasks or information overload that an overstuffed place bombs your brain with is crucial for productivity. Holding onto unnecessary things for fear of needing them in the future is sending a message to the universe that you have lack mentality, and you do not trust your manifesting abilities.

Choose consciously what impressions from your environment feed you in a positive way, and what excess you need to let go of to feel better, think clearer, act right.

Do not even implement feng shui cures until your space is cluttered: they will not work!

The first step to reaching your goals and desires is decluttering. Be prepared, it will trigger internal changes as well (mental, emotional, even spiritual).

Do not stop at clearing away unwanted objects. Cleanse your body of toxins, cleanse your life of toxic people and situations.

Unclog your life of stuck energies, so you can be lighter, more vibrant, energetic, creative. A master in living and manifesting in the moment.

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