For Your Wardrobe and Image

You don’t have a second chance at making the first impression-as they say.

The clothes (and makeup) you wear have great impact on how you feel, and others notice.


You absolutely have to dress the part and vibrate with what you are wearing.

There are no limits to success when you dress consciously.

How does feng shui come into the picture here?

It is NOT only about decluttering your wardrobe. Although, that can be helpful in magnetizing new opportunities into your life.

As the clothes (and makeup) that you wear represent the environment that is the closest to your body, balancing your look is imperative.

Feng shui looks at which of the 5 elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) is your essence, and concentrates on the colors, shapes, patterns, fabrics that enhance it.

For your balance, happiness, and success!

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