Space Clearing and Blessing Rituals

Space clearing is cleansing the energy of a space to align with its highest possible manifestation.

Blessing ceremonies are invocation of higher dimensional help, infused with the magic components, our faith in the sacred and our intention to restore harmony, so we can be healthy, vibrant, joyful, peaceful and abundant.


There are many traditions and rituals around the globe that focus on clearing out negative energetic residue and inviting in supportive energetic forces.

People can live/work/play in environments harmoniously only if they exist in harmony with the energies of their surroundings.

We perform these ceremonies:

  • to release negative, harmful energies (conflict, divorce, illness, death, misfortune, accident, crime)
  • to get rid of predecessor energy when moving into a new home
  • to invite potential buyers when trying to sell a home
  • at ground-breaking, remodeling
  • to counterbalance bad neighborhood energy
  • to transform stagnation, turn things around and draw in fresh, positive, supportive energies.

These ceremonies can mark a powerful closing of a phase in our lives and a transition into a new paradigm.

We can cleanse and bless a land, a property, a home, a business, an office, a recreational space, a community space and its occupants.

Preparation is super important. Selecting an auspicious time of the day and an auspicious day in the (Chinese) calendar must be the starting point.

Setting up an altar with nature’s elements, offerings of flowers, fruits will enhance the beauty of the experience.

After the Purification of the place (with smudging for example), setting our Intention for a profound transformation to happen and Invocation of supportive energetic forces of the Universe (nature, the 5 elements, the 4 directions, ancestors, spirit guides, …) are crucial. With these forces behind us, we can set a code for our goals and desires and send it out to the Universe.

Expressing gratitude for the blessings that start coming into our lives (in divine timing) is highly suggested!

Closing the ceremony is a must. We do not want to leave a gate to other dimensions open.

The Shift at the beginning of 2020 has reminded us as a collective to be more sensitive to Mother Nature and forced us to remember our place in the larger picture.

Conscious Creators in a Conscious Universe as a whole.

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